Director's Message

Golden Words of Success

"As a leading global manufacturer in the industry, we at J.S. Auto (P) Ltd. rejoice at the pride of engineering quality products that support the daily lives of our people. We carry out production and sales operations in various countries around the world to deliver products that are well suited for the betterment in various services available in the market. By fulfilling our responsibilities as a manufacturer of commercial three wheeler vehicles around the world we grant our customers the "utmost value" that JSA alone strives to offer.

Load carrier three wheelers are indispensable means of transport and Passenger vehicles play a vital role in transporting people to their destinations. As an affluent manufacturer, exporter and supplier in this domain, we are instrumental in offering a high quality range of these automobiles and services.

JSA vehicles are essential for the safety and efficiency of our rider’s day to day lives and we aspire to achieve harmony with the environment as we continue to enrich our customers with our genuine goods and services."

Sushil Puri
Managing Director
J.S. Auto (P) Ltd.